12/30/10 2011 Pepsi Late Model Rookie going for Speedway Record   Currently at the Norway Speedway there is one Driver that has won an A feature race in the DQ-Dog Four Cylinders(2005), Norway Slammers (2001,02,08) and Auto Value Super Stocks(2009). That driver now will be a Pepsi Late Model Rookie of the year contender for the upcoming season. Can he accomplish an A feature victory in all four competing divisions at the speedway? It Deffinately will be a headline of the 2011 Racing Season as we cheer on the Pepsi Late Model Rookie contender the #16 Monster Carlo of Mike Stanchina.   

10/12/10 2011 Executive board Elected   Monday Evening at the Rialto Lanes and Lounge, elections were held for the 2011 Executive board.   

9/22/10 Nominations of 2011 Executive Board   Monday at the Rialto Lanes and Lounge of Norway, MI the first membership meeting of the year was held, with the nominations for the 2011 Executive Board.   

9/7/10 Super Stocks / 4 cylinders and Slammers crown their champions   2010 Season Championships Wrapped up Sunday at the Norway Speedway. With the ASA Midwest tour in town the Pepsi Late Models had completed their season the previous week with Troy Nelson winning his third consecutive title. Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Stocks, DQ-Dog four Cylinders and the Norway Slammers competed to finish their seasons in support of the ASA Midwest Tour Series at the speedway.   

9/6/10 Labor Day 125   The American Speed Association® Kwik Trip Midwest Tour presented by ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment and grandstay.net had one of the most exciting races yet this season as the “Short-Track King,” Steve Carlson and seven-time Norway track champion, Jamie Iverson battled nose-to-tail and side-by-side lap after lap. Jamie Iverson came out on top making this his fourth consecutive ASAMT Labor Day victory.   

8/28/10 Week 14 Pepsi Late Model Championship Night   Troy Nelson continued his dominance over the Pepsi Late Model division Friday Night at the Norway Speedway winning his seventh A Main event of the year. Nelson was also crowned the 2010 Pepsi Late Model Champion for the third consecutive season.   

8/22/10 Week 14 Fan Appreciation Night   Mother Nature washed out the feature events at the Norway Speeday Friday night. Fans were treated to the 10th annual Fan Appreciation Night presented by the Thirsty Whale, and the Great Lakes Karting Association rained 500 dollars worth of nickels down to the children.   

8/15/10 Werner Electric 50   Troy Nelson sliced his way threw the field, and held of Mike Reichenberger to win his 5th feature in 6 weeks. Scott Visintainer held of the field and celebrated his first feature win of the season with a burn out. While Fran Berube won his first DQ-Dog A and Jim Stachowicz won another slammer feature.   

8/8/10 Week 12 - presented by Iron Mountain Powersports and Kingsford Dairy Queen   Mike Reichenberger capitalizes on Troy Nelson’s equipment failure to end Nelsons drive for five consecutive Pepsi Late Model feature wins.   

7/31/10 Auto Value Round II   BIG THANK YOU to the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Parts Stores for supporting the Norway Speedway in presenting race number two of their series. If you can smell something in Norway, don’t worry folks it is just the #19 of Troy Nelson Reeking of Awesomeness as he captured his fourth consecutive and fifth Pepsi Late Model A feature win of the 2010 Season. Jim Stanchina won the DQ-Dog A feature, Jim Stachowicz won the Slammer feature, and Mark Jenshak won the Super Stock feature.   

7/25/10 Island Resort and Casino race Night #9   Island Resort and Casino night at the Norway Speedway was highlighted by Troy Nelson winning his third consecutive and fourth Pepsi Late Model A Main of the year. A Final Caution with nine laps to go sealed the fate of Mike Stanchina as Ron Jenshak got by with 2 laps remaining for the win. Trevor Cronick an Jim Stachowicz closed out the night with feature wins as well.   

7/17/10 Week 8 presented by Verso Paper   Verso Paper presented week eight at the Norway Speedway as Troy Nelson flew from the rear of the field to win his second consecutive and third Pepsi Late Model Feature of 2010. Lyle Nowak won his second consecutive Mid American Series “Eh” Main feature event. Bryce Cuggino snagged the early lead in the Auto Value Super Stock A Main and never looked back winning his first ever feature. Tim Wilcox captured the DQ-Dog 4 cylinder A main, and Neil Varda ended the streak of the 97 car, winning his first slammer feature of the season   

7/10/10 Week 7 - presented by Iron Mountain Powersports and Kingsford Dairy Queen   Another night of hot action at the Norway Speedway as Pepsi point leader Troy Nelson captured another Late Model win, while Mike Bubloni survived a slobbernocker of a Auto Value Super Stock feature to win his first of the year. Cody Skog won the DQ-dog feature, and Jim Stachowicz won the slammer race.   

7/3/10 Week 6 - Econo Foods 4th of July Special   A Beautiful Evening at the Norway Speedway kicked off Independence weekend for the Dickinson County Area, Friday night as Tom Lindquist captured his second Pepsi Late Model feature of the season. Auto Value Super Stock 2009 Rookie of the Year Brett Bray won his first ever A main event, and Jim Stanchina won the DQ-dog A, and Jim Stachowicz won the Slammer race, on an evening highlighted by Ronda Poupore starting the evening off singing a excellent selection of patriotic tunes, and the Motorcycle “Patriot Riders” group fired up their rides parading around the track with American Flags in hand celebrating Independence Day.   

7/1/10 More - Eve Of Disaster Informaiton   Eve of Disaster info. Any 4/6 cylinder from Norway, Sands,Escanaba and Menominee Ice racing will be able to take part in any of the events. Email Scott Dabb at justanotherracer@live.com to sign up   

6/26/10 Week 5 - Auto Value Round 1   Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Series Round I highlighted the schedule for week 5 at the Norway Speedway. Rising short track sensation 17 year old Ross Kenseth clean mopped up the competition winning qualifying, the fast dash, and the $1000 Main event. Mark Bubloni made it three for three as his third consecutive Super Stock A feature, this week grabbing the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper $500 top prize.   

6/21/10 Eve of Devastation Schedule of Events   List of events for the first annual Eve Of Disaster September 2nd

1) Game of football involving 8 cars pushing 1 small car. 4 cars each side (team) trying to push the football (small car or tank filled with sand) across the goal line.
2) Musical cars involving 5 cars and 4 parking spots. Each round one car has no place to park and is eliminated.
3) Obstacle course spin to win. Cars run the obstacle course 1 lap forward and one lap backward. Must spin back to forward before crossing the finish line. Timed event.
4) Trailer race on obstacle course. All vehicles pulling trailers around course trying to take another competitors trailer off the hitch. Last vehicle with complete trailer wins.
5) Chain race. 2 cars chained together running the obstacle course with 5 pair of cars competing at once. Last cars chained together wins.
6) The gauntlet. One large car with plating protecting the wheels trying to make 3 laps around track while 6ea 4 cylinders try to keep him from completing 3 laps in 15 minutes

6/19/10 Week 4 - presented by Pepsi and Team Wireless   Mother Nature granted the ASA Sanctioned Norway Speedway a reprieve finally after two consecutive Friday Night rain outs, as the hot action returned to the Speedway. Two time defending champion Troy Nelson won the Pepsi Late Model Feature, and Mark Bubloni won his second consecutive Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Stock feature.   

6/7/10 Week 2 presented by Team Wireless   Evenings events were canceled due to inclement weather.   

5/30/10 2010 Opener presented by Radio Results Network & BK Enterprises   The 2010 ASA Sanctioned Norway Speedway Opener presented by Radio Results Network and BK Enterprises was a hot one, on the track and off. With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees on a beautiful Memorial weekend, Tom Lindquist powered by Bruce with two laps remaining to win his first Pepsi Late Model A Feature, while Mark Bubloni started the 2010 season the same way he ended the 2009 season, by winning the Auto Value Super Stock A.  

5/23/10 4 Cylinder Qualifying Results   1. #55 Trevor Cronick 18.923
2. #222 John Martin 18.977
3. #14 Tim Wilcox 18.990
4. #28 Cody Skog 18.995
5. #63 Gerald Dugree Sr 19.05
6. #25 Gerald Dugree Jr 19.192
7. #38 Mark Moraska 19.236
8. #41 Jim Stanchina 19.271
9. #69 Rick St. Vincents 19.344
10. #9 Reggie Langtange 19.413
11. #51 Tyler Winling 19.429
12. #77 TK Motorsports 19.662
13. #99g Tom Golfis 19.676
14. #54 Tom Bourdeau 19.703
15. #29 Bob Nordell 19.758
16. #23 Elliot Hess 19.786
17. #11 Chad Kay 19.803
18. #5x John Reynolds jr 19.882
19. #12 Fran Berube 19.890
20. #220 Steve Kakuk 20.004
21. #4 Matt Adams 20.560
22. #90 20.778
23. #48 Dan Carne 20.943
24. #316 21.287
25. #00 Marissa Bazan 21.345
26. #141 Rob Zimmerman 31.377
27 #16 23.456

Top 15 make the Fast Dash
B and A feature cutoff will be determined by car count on opening Day.
Unqualified cars will start behind the qualified cars in the B Feature and/or C in order of which they sign in Saturday.

  4/7/10 UP Man Key Player in NASCAR Championship   When four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Jimmie Johnson does his victory lane interview he always thanks his crew chief Chad Knaus and the entire Lowes team for making the win possible. The reigning champion knows that a dedicated team is essential to winning races in America’s top motorsports series.