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  • The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 15th, 7pm CST, at the Big 10 Sports Bar & Grill in Quinnesec. Membership cards and Pit Slabs will be available for purchase. Hope to see you there!!

  • 2017 Late Model Rules are updated!                                                                              Norway Speedway Elects Officials for Up Coming Season:

  • Norway Speedway- Dickinson County Racing Association recently held its election of officers for the 2017 racing season. The Association membership elected future Norway Speedway Hall of Famer Bruce White of Kingsford, MI as the club president. Bruce has already served the DCRA as club president for four years and his experience should be a valuable asset to track operation. Bruce has been a member of Norway Speedway for over 35 years and still competes in the Late Model division.
    John Novara was elected to the member at large position for the up coming season as well. John is a successful local businessman from the Iron Mountain area. John has also competed at the speedway in the Coca-Cola Late Model division. He has two daughters, Savanna and Jade Novara, competing in the Sportsman Stockcar division for the 2017 season.
    John Ostermann of Norway, MI will hold down the position as the speedway secretary. Ostermann has also servered as the speedway president for six years and as vice president on the Upper Peninsula International Raceway Board as well.
    The new officers will join the current board members Bob Bordeau of Escanaba, MI and Julie Iverson of Hyde, MI who are in their second terms as vice president and treasurer.
    The next general membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 18th at the Big 10 Sports Bar in Quinnesec @ 7pm CST.
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  • Sorny's Sportsman & Jon Lasater State Farm Agency stock/mod's the raceceiver frequency will be 454.0000 which is the most common frequency used when turning the raceceivers on. Please let everyone you can know asap.

  • Attention Drivers/Owners: Please make sure you have all your proper contingency decals on your cars for tomorrow night and throughout the season. 
    Late Models: Coca-Cola, Hoosier, Fivestar, Auto Value, Neville Guitars, Lena Sod Farm
    Super Stocks: Auto Value, Hoosier, Fivestar
    Sport Trucks: Wilson Auto Collision, Auto Value
    Sportsman/4-cyls: Auto Value

  • Drivers/Owners: Private practice rental will not begin till Wednesday night May 4th and throughout the season. 
    Private Practice Rules: DCRA president Joey Pontbriand will be in charge of all private practices, please contact Joey @(906)282-8652 or Kris Kelly @(906)250-6892
    1. The only days are Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    2. Times, 4pm-8pm (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    3. Have to rent in two hour time slots at $40 per hour
    4. ONE car per two hour time slot (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    5. Norway Speedway division type cars only (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    6. Driver/Crew is responsible for clean-up and damages (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    7. Rent is payed in full before car hits the track (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    8. The board will work with renter if weather is an issue.
    9. All people in pit area must sign insurance waiver (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    10. The DCRA board has the final say in private practice!

  • We're proud to announce the class of 2016 into the Norway Speedway Hall Of Fame this summer! This event will take place at the speedway on Friday night July 8th plus we'll have the Vintage Mod's on hand racing also to highlight the evenings events.
    -Allan Yelle
    -Kent Pearson
    -Jim Peterson
    -Ron Paquette    -Don Oliver 

  • Auto Value Super Stocks Rule Update:
    Here's the weight categories added to the 2016 rule book. Please keep in mind these are just starting base weights & are subject to possible changes. If your car DOES NOT fit in one of these categories contact a board member immediately, do not just show up thinking your going to be fine!
    -Norway Spec type Mid-Am car with the approved changes with stock chevy 602 crate (3,200 lbs)
    -CWSSA/Mid-Am by their 2016 current rule book with stock chevy 602 crate (3,300 lbs)
    -CWSSA/Mid-Am by their 2016 current rule book with steel headed engine w/4412 carb (3,400)

  • Speedway News: We had three local businesses step it up huge this past week. Thank You to Okler Custom Metal Roofing for becoming the Auto Value Super Stock weekly "Fast Qualifier" award, Wilson Auto Collision from Niagara is now the new title sponsor for the Wisconsin Sport Trucks, and Solbergs Greenleaf Sports Bar for being the bi-weekly "Fast Qualifier" award of the sport trucks! We appreciate all three businesses teamed up with the Norway Speedway.

  • S.E.A.L. which stands for Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders, S.E.A.L. was an organization set up in 2008 to oversee the sale and distribution of the approved seals, manage the database built with the information from the sealing process, and assist in providing information for technical inspectors nationally. Currently, most organizations involved in this type of racing are using engine packages commonly referred to as the GM 604, the Ford Blue Oval, and the McGunegill MEP 425. The initial group to oversee this program for S.E.A.L. includes R. J. Scott (founder and co-owner of CRA), Eddie Chew (Chief Technical Inspector for CRA), Ricky Brooks (Chief Technical Inspector for the Snowball Derby, SpeedWeeks and numerous other national events), Tim Bryant (Promoter and Co-owner of 5 Flags Speedway and the Snowball Derby), and Mike “Lumpy” Lemke (Chief Technical Inspector of ARCA Midwest Tour). Lemke’s role in the group will be to serve as the independent.

  • The Norway Speedway is happy to announce Stateline Chevrolet of Crystal Falls will be back as the 2016 Coca-Cola late model "Fast Qualifier Award" every Friday night this coming summer. Thanks to Bob & Lew Lorenzoni and their staff at Stateline for being part of the Norway Speedway. Check them out on Facebook and

  • Jon Lasater State Farm Agency supports the Norway Speedway! Norway resident and local State Farm Insurance Agent Jon Lasater will be the new division sponsor for both the mod/stock 4's leading us into the 2016 season. Jon and his company will also be the weekly "Fast Qualifier" award sponsor for both Fab-4 divisions. Jon is located at 333 South Carpenter Ave in Kingsford(906-774-3843), plus look him up on the web at or on his Facebook page.                                                                      

  •    The Norway Speedway officials are excited to announce Sorny's Garage as the title sponsor for the Sorny's Sportsman division again in 2016! Give Steve a call at (715)927-4103 or look his business up on Facebook.   

  • Attention all Sorny's sportsman & stock/mod 4's: Raceceivers will be mandatory in all three divisions in 2016, this will be helpful to keep the night flowing properly. Please pass the word.                                                                                  

  • Attention Drivers/Crews: Safety Rule/Track Policy addition, All cars are subjected to scale anytime throughout the race event. All added weight must be solid LEAD no tungsten. Must also be painted WHITE with car numbers on weights. There is a $5.00 per pound fine for any lead that if mounted loose or falls of car on track at any time for the team. Cars may not be able to pass tech if numbers are not on weights and painted white.


  • *Attention Sorny's Sportsman Drivers/Crews: Starting this week any car(s) that breakout lower than 18.000 second lap time in any race, your car(s) scoring will than be frozen on your last 18.000+ second lap time. Remember you're not getting DQ'ed or black flagged for that race. Thanks, DCRA Board.*