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Norway Speedway


2017 Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper
Super Stock Rules


1. Must remain Stock Appearing (NO ABC/Late Model Ultra lightweight bodies).
2. No functional fresh air hood scoops.
3. Rear spoiler is allowed 5” max height, not to extend past deck lid sides.
4. Weight identification number will be displayed somewhere near driver side "A" pillar. Number will include any and all penalty/matrix weight. MUST BE CLEARLY VISIBLE!
A. Cars must have a six point perimeter roll cage. (No offset cages allowed).
B. Cars must have door bars on both sides of car, with a minimum of 3 door bars on driver’s side which must be plated to top of door, and 2 right side door bars.
C. Roll bar tubing must be minimum of 1 ¾” in diameter with walls not to be less than .090” thick. All new cars must use roll bar tubing for cage.
D. No pipe fitting, square tubing, galvanized pipe, exhaust pipe or conduit allowed.
E. Some type of X brace must be installed between the roll cage uprights behind the driver.
F. Steel plate on left side door mandatory. 1/8” steel minimum from post to post. Extending as far forward to foot area as possible.
G. Rebuilding of rear stub allowed:
1. Start at centerline of rear axle, straight back horizontally.
2. Two parallel frame members of 10 inches minimum outside circumference, 1/8” thick tubing. (Square, round, rectangle).
3. Shall extend level from existing axle frame kick up.
4. Join cross member at rear with same material. (Must be symmetrical).
5. Must tie into roll cage.
6. Fuel cell protector hoop is required with 2 braces 2” below fuel cell.
H. Front and rear wrecker hooks required.
I. All ballast (added weight) must be painted white and be securely fastened into car. Must also have car number clearly marked on each weight.
J. All holes in firewall must be covered and must seal engine area from driver’s compartment.
K. Foot box is allowed. Must have 1/8 min steel floor pan and drive shaft wall up at least 6”. Aluminum panels must be .040 thick.
L. 58% left side weight (maximum percentage).
M. Minimum 108” wheel base (GM). Ford and Chrysler 104” minimum. No more than a 1 inch difference between left and right side Frames. Measured from centerline of wheels. OEM frame only.
A. Suspension system must remain completely and strictly stock, no modification permitted, no modifications to any control arms. Except as listed below!
B. No heim joints, front or rear.
C. All four flanges must have a 5-bolt pattern.
D. All control arms must be in stock location. (i.e. right on right left on left) No Ford control arms on GM cars, Metric cars must run metric control arms.
E. No panhard bars, coil-over shocks, small diameter springs, sliders, coil-overs, eliminators, left bars, pull bars, bump stops, coil binding setups, or rear sway bars.
F. Shocks allowed in factory position only (4 shocks only). Any stock appearing shocks, non-adjustable, non-rebuildable with max MSRP of $85. Rebuildable QA1 FC Series shocks allowed (1900, 1600, 78) and QA1 Series 50/51/26. "THESE ARE THE ONLY PERMITTED REBUILDABLE SHOCKS"
G. Rear weight jacks and front adjustable spacers permitted.
H. Minimum ground clearance of 4” including the driver, not including exhaust.
I. Mid-American series hub & rotors allowed FOR MAKE AND MODEL OF CAR ONLY.
J. No drop spindles.
K. Tubular upper A arms are OK as long as they follow these guide lines:
1. Steel construction only (steel pivot shafts only, no aluminum).
2. One piece style allowed (adjustable heim style prohibited).
3. Conventional style bolt on ball joints allowed (screw in style prohibited).
4. Bushing style pivot shafts allowed (ball bearing pivots prohibited).
5. Upper control arms to measure 8 inches plus or minus one half inch.
6. Slotted shafts allowed.
A.  No rack and pinion type, except on ford uni-bodies.
B.  A collapsible type shaft with locking collar required.
C.  No welding of any steering components.
D.  No steering quickeners.
A.  Tires must be purchased from the official track tire salesman, and be marked with his brand.
B. 2017 DCRA approved Super Stock tire will be the Hoosier D800.
C. One new tire allowed every other night, except first night of racing at the speedway (season opener) all four tires may be new and the Second week of racing you will get another new tire to be used as a spare. After that you will get one new tire every other time YOU race.
D. If you miss the season opener you will be allowed one new tire with three board approved used tires.  You may run additional new tires with a practice run-off at race speed.  NOT VALID ON SPECIAL EVENTS (ie: AUTO VALUE NIGHTS).
1. 4 new tires = 50 lap run-off. 3 new tires = 40 lap run-off. 2 new tires = 30 lap run-off.  Must qualify and race on tires used in run-off.

2. Must start in the back of the slow heat and B-Feature (if applicable) when taking the new tire option after the season opener.
3. Must have transponder working as Mylaps will be checked to verify # of laps and speeds (DCRA Board Discretion).
E. Must run the tires you qualified on for that nights races.
F. Name and brand must be visible.  All markings must be left on tires.
G. The use of tire softener will not be permitted or tolerated.
H. NO IMCA SUPER LIGHT WHEELS ETC. ALLOWED! 19 lb. Minimum weight on rim.
I. Longer and oversized stud bolts required, ½” min. diameter. Oversized wheel nut mandatory. Studs must have at least 3 threads past nuts.
J. No shimming behind wheels of any kind!! No wheel spacers allowed at all.
K. All racing wheels on car must be of same offset.  8” wheel max.
L. No air bleeders allowed.
M. Can flip tires - run right on left.
N. After every A Feature race you will turn in 4 hot tires after along with the winner of the B feature.
O. In the event of a rainout, power failure or any uncontrollable event that would cause a race night to be stopped all cars will impound all 4 tires.
P. If a car does not run half (1/2) of feature laps (A or B) All four tires must be impounded.
Q. PENALTY: anyone found not complying with the tire rules will be disqualified for the rest of the nights events immediately, lose all pay and points for that night, and face a possible suspension.
A. Aftermarket Calipers allowed Maximum MSRP. $79.99.
B. No Dual master cylinders.
C. Brake bias/adjusters allowed anywhere in the car.
A. Manufactured fuel cell in a steel box is required and must be mounted in CENTER of stub (front to rear and side to side centering). 11” minimum ground clearance. Two 1” straps in each direction, square tubing or angle iron with 1/8” minimum thickness surrounding the fuel cell box on all four sides mandatory. IF rear stub is stock, cell must be as far forward as possible.
A. Up to 360 CID Engine and up to 9.5 to 1 compression (Base Weight).
B. 360 CID Engine and over ADD 150#; 9.6 to 1 and up to 11.1 to 1 compression ADD 150#.
C. 360 CID or higher CID and up to 11.1 to 1 compression must ADD 150#.
D. Any engine, any size over 11.2 to 1 compression must ADD 300#.
E. 58% max left side weight (will include any penalty). With driver.
F. Un-altered GM part #88958602 & # 19258602 Stock crate engine (Base Weight).
G. Altered crate engine add 300# and must run approved 2 barrel carb.
A.  SETBACK: Maximum setback from top steering box mounting bolt measured to back of block mounting surface: GM-32 ½”.
B. No aluminum blocks or heads.
C. Factory street production heads only. (No Turbo, Bowtie, angle plug or aftermarket heads.)
D. Any flat tappet camshaft. Three pushrods must be marked with vertical white line at top.
E. No roller cams/roller rockers. Stock appearing valve train 1 3/8” max. Diameter valve springs.
F. No accu-sump or non-stock oil pans. No remote oil filters.
G. ¾-1 inch sight plug in oil pan in line with rod journal - (option) remove oil pan at the track at your expense.
H. Solid motor mounts required if you run solid throttle linkage.
I. Crankshaft/Height:
1. Only cast iron or forged steel crankshafts are permitted. Titanium crankshafts are prohibited.
2. All crankshafts have a minimum weight of 48lbs. No Knife Edging, Undercutting & Honda Journals are prohibited.
3. Minimum crankshaft centerline height 10-1/2” (front and back).
A. Rochester on GM, Motorcraft on Ford, ect. Rochester carb 2Gc throttle 1 3/8 inch bore 1 11/16 inch base. Stock base plate only - no aftermarket.
B. Holley 4412’s allowed, must remain stock, Approved adapters (Mr. Gasket 1937, Holley 17-43 or Transdapt 2039 or 2086).
C. Carburetor Body - No polishing, grinding, or drilling permitted. Factory type air bleeds only. Screw in air bleeds are prohibited.
D.  Choke - The choke may be removed.
E. Choke Horn - The choke horn may not be removed.
F. Boosters - The boosters and booster location may not be changed. The size or shape must not be altered. Boosters may not be tapered. Height must remain standard
G. Venturi area must not be altered. Casting ring must remain.
H. Base Plate – Base plate must not be altered.
I. Butterflies - Butterflies must not be thinned or tapered. Retaining screws may not be altered.
J. Throttle Shafts - Throttle shafts must not be thinned.
K. Metering Block - Only metering block 134-137 is permitted. Adjustable metering blocks are prohibited. Metering block must not be altered.
L. Carburetor can be claimed or exchanged by DCRA at any time.
M. No carburetor spacing allowed. (Minimal gasket allowed)(35 thousandths .035 max thickness)
A. Stock 2bbl. Cast iron intake or aluminum intake allowed.  The only aluminum intakes permitted: Edelbrock Performer #2101 or Edelbrock Performer RPM #7101.
B. Cast Iron Exhaust only, except for 602 crate.  Economy only, no crossover or 180 style. See crate rule.
C. No porting or polishing.
D. All cars must have mufflers of reverse flow design or glass packs UNALTERED. Exhaust will be 3" max. Diameter, exhaust may exit out passenger side door but still has to remain under 95 decibel limit! No exceptions!!
E. 95 decibel limit MANDATORY!!! No exhaust popping, or other irregular exhaust noise.
F. Only one intake gasket allowed between head and intake.
A. Mechanical fuel pump only, No piston pumps (race pump).
B. Absolutely no Alcohol or E85. No oxygen bearing or performance enhancing additives may be introduced into the inductions or fuel supply. Regularly available pump gas or racing gasoline only. No alcohol, nitro methane, nitro, propane, nitrous oxide, other oxygenating agents, other additives, and/or fuels that contain masking agents or oxygen.
A. Any stock single point or magnetic pick-up type may be used. Stock coil must be used. No MSD boxes or similar.
B. No electronic traction control or on board computers will be allowed. The DCRA board will reserve the right to impound any distributor, cap, rotor, module and or wiring.
A. No clutches such as: Button, Multi-disk, ram couplers, sportsman clutches, or other small clutches. No Aluminum flywheels. Provisions must be made for clutch inspection, such as bell-housing inspection hole.
B. 10 1/2" clutch on GM, 10" on Ford.
C. Only stock OEM transmission & rear end in stock location allowed.
D. Transmission must have forward and reverse in working order.
E. No quick change rear ends.
F. No Aluminum drive-shafts, steel drive-shafts only.  Painted White for safety.
G. Racing axles recommended.
H. Rear drums may be aluminum.
I. STOCK (center section, cover, axle tubes, snouts, etc.... must all be steel) Ford 9" will be allowed with drum Brakes only.
1. GM part # 88958602 & # 19258602- Must have factory GM Seal bolts!
2. DCRA approved 650 CFM Holley carburetor only; Part # 0-4777
A. Carb can be claimed or exchanged by DCRA at any time.
3. Approved Shoenfeld headers which are part #185VCM.
4. Repair/Rebuild - You must use a DCRA BOARD Approved Source for any Crate motor repairs or rebuilds, CHECK BEFORE ANY SUCH WORK.
5. Absolutely NO MODIFICATIONS allowed to the engine, no 1.6 rockers, or bee-hive springs.
1. The transponder must be mounted on the left frame rail no further forward than 23 inches forward of the rear axle tube in the hanging position, and no higher than 24 inches from the racing surface.
1. DCRA Executive Board reserves the right to modify or change rules at any point. You as a driver are responsible for understanding and following the listed rules.  If your car contains a rule not listed on the below matrix, please contact DCRA board for accommodations. All weights are subject to change.  Additional infractions not listed in the matrix found in non-compliance with the base weight rules are subject to additional penalty weight.  Non-compliance will be subject to loss of points and or pay and possible suspension.
G. Matrix – Overall weight defined below must be displayed on or near the driver’s side “A” pillar at all times.


1. Absolutely NO; Coil-over shocks, remote reservoirs, bump stops or coil binding setups, eliminators, left bars, pull bars, etc. 
2. NO; ABC/Late Model style bodies.
3. NO; quick change rear-ends or aluminum center sections. 
4. NO; titanium parts of any kind.

**Updated and approved by the 2017 DCRA Executive Board - 3/20/2017