Norway Speedway, located in Norway, Michigan is a third mile oval track that is slightly banked. The track, originally built a dirt track in 1942, was blacktopped in 1979. Racing is held on Friday evenings from Mid May through Labor Day weekend when the champions are crowned during the fair. Specials include the Auto-Value Challenge Series, Race to a Cure Cancer Race and Stateline Challenge along with a yearly appearance of the Midwest Tour and their Stars challenging our Hero's!  The Speedway is located between State Hwy 141 and US Hwy 2 just south of town on US Hwy 8 at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds.

*Race Schedule ( Friday Nights)

*Pit gate opens at: 3:00pm

*Practice starts at: 4:00pm

*Grandstands open at: 5:00pm

*Qualifying at: 5:45pm

*Racing Starts: 7:00pm*


Admission Prices: 2016

$10 adult,( 18 and up  )

$8 Senior (65 & up),  

$7 Students, 6 & under/*Active Military FREE*

Family Pass ( 2 Adults & 2 Students ) $25


Pit Passes 2016 :

Pit slabs fee $40 for the year(will go up to $75 on 3/1/16)
-$10.00 a night pit slab rental for drivers not paying the yearly fee(pay nightly or it will be deducted out of nightly pay)
-2016 Memberships are $30 & Season pit passes will be $180 which includes your $30 membership card. The season pit pass is not good for the Midwest tour race & fair weekend.

Traveling Drivers: New for 2016, the Norway Speedway officials will honor your home track 2016 membership club card from your track! This is for the DRIVER only, with that being said when you come and race with us in 2016 you'll only have to pay the standard $15 pit pass fee.  

-Attention Sands Speedway Drivers: The Norway Speedway officials wanted to invite you guys/gals down to race with us as much as you can in 2016 with little to no changes in rules to make the transition as smooth as possible. We love travelers coming down to race, run your tires/rules & if you have any questions or concerns just ask.  2016 is going to be a huge year so come down & have some FUN!  

Private Practice Rules: DCRA president Joey Pontbriand will be in charge of all private practices, please contact Joey @(906)282-8652
1. The only days are Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (NO EXCEPTIONS)
2. Times, 4pm-8pm (NO EXCEPTIONS)
3. Have to rent in two hour time slots at $40 per hour
4. ONE car per two hour time slot (NO EXCEPTIONS)
5. Norway Speedway division type cars only (NO EXCEPTIONS)
6. Driver/Crew is responsible for clean-up and damages (NO EXCEPTIONS)
7. Rent is payed in full before car hits the track (NO EXCEPTIONS)
8. The board will work with renter if weather is an issue.
9. All people in pit area must sign insurance waiver (NO EXCEPTIONS)
10. The DCRA board has the final say in private practice!     


Executive Board 2017


Norway Speedway Track Champions!


1968 Modified Bob Iverson 1968 Sportsman Jim Barron            
1969 Modified Bob Iverson 1969 Sportsman Ron Paquette            
1970 Modified Wally Jors 1970 Sportsman Ron Paquette            
1971 Modified Bob Iverson 1971 Sportsman Ron Paquette            
1972 Modified Bob Iverson 1972 Sportsman Ron Paquette            
1973 Modified Bob Iverson 1973 Sportsman Ron Paquette            
1974 Modified Herb Iverson 1974 Sportsman Kent Pearson            
1975 Modified Herb Iverson 1975 Sportsman Kent Pearson            
1976 Modified Jim Peterson 1976 Sportsman Kent Pearson            
1977 none None 1977 Sportsman Duke Gardiner            
1978 Late Model Bob Iverson 1978 Sportsman Kent Pearson            
1979 Late Model Don Britton 1979 Sportsman Mike Kelly            
1980 Late Model Bob Iverson 1980 Sportsman Mark Miller            
1981 Late Model Bob Iverson 1981 Hobby Stock Harold Gagnon            
1982 Late Model Bob Iverson 1982 Hobby Stock Spud Willis            
1983 Late Model Kent Pearson 1983 Hobby Stock Al Richie            
1984 Late Model Kent Pearson 1984 Hobby Stock Al Richie              
1985 Late Model Mark Miller 1985 Bomber Terry Mott            
1986 Late Model Gene Coleman 1986 Bomber Don Okler, Jr.            
1987 Late Model Gene Coleman 1987 Bomber Mike Bandini            
1988 Late Model Bob Menor 1988 Bomber John Osterman       2014 Mod-4 Anothony Schiefelbein
1989 Late Model Gene Coleman 1989 Bomber Mark Bubloni            
1990 Late Model Bob Menor 1990 Street Stock Dave Mantel       2015 Mod-4 ?
1991 Late Model Gene Coleman 1991 Street Stock Pat Temple 1991 Slammer David Green      
1992 Late Model Bob Menor 1992 Street Stock Mike Gardner 1992 Slammer Dave Clement      
1993 Late Model Bob Iverson 1993 Street Stock Tim Jarvis 1993 Slammer Mike Ackerman      
1994 Late Model Steve DeBakker 1994 Street Stock Earl Possi 1994 Slammer Greg Pollard      
1995 Late Model Jamie Iverson 1995 Street Stock Mike Gardner 1995 Slammer Tim Pollard      
1996 Late Model Jamie & Bob Iverson 1996 Street Stock Tim Jarvis 1996 Slammer Greg Pollard      
1997 Late Model Dale Peterson 1997 Street Stock Kris Kelly 1997 Slammer Greg Pollard      
1998 Late Model Jamie Iverson 1998 Street Stock Kris Kelly 1998 Slammer Tim Pollard      
1999 Late Model Mike Gardner 1999 Street Stock Kris Kelly 1999 Slammer Tim Faull      
2000 Late Model Mark Schroeder 2000 Street Stock Bear Stankowicz 2000 Slammer Tim Pollard      
2001 Late Model Jamie Iverson 2001 Street Stock Jeff Boettcher 2001 Slammer Nick Anderson 2001 Fab-4 Tim Schultz Jr.
2002 Late Model Jamie Iverson 2002 Street Stock Jeff Boettcher 2002 Slammer Jim Stachowicz 2002 Fab-4 Jesse Hedlund
2003 Late Model Kris Kelly 2003 Street Stock Ryan Windell 2003 Slammer Ryan Pollard 2003 Fab-4 Matt Wilcox
2004 Late Model Kris Kelly 2004 Street Stock Ryan Windell 2004 Slammer Travis Reidell 2004 Fab-4 Gary Dubord Jr.
2005 Late Model Jamie Iverson 2005 Street Stock Ryan Windell 2005 Slammer Travis Reidell 2005 Fab-4 Tim Wilcox
2006 Late Model Jamie Iverson 2006 Street Stock Ron Jenshak 2006 Slammer Brian Smith 2006 Fab-4 Bill Delfosse
2007 Late Model Mike Reichenberger 2007 Street Stock Ron Jenshak 2007 Slammer Jim Stachowicz 2007 Fab-4 Jamie Hedlund
2008 Late Model Troy Nelson 2008 Street Stock Ron Jenshak 2008 Slammer John Mattia Jr. 2008 Fab-4 Brian Stanchina
2009 Late Model Troy Nelson 2009 Street Stock Ron Jenshak 2009 Slammer John Mattia Jr. 2009 Fab-4 Mark Moraska
2010 Late Model Troy Nelson 2010 Street Stock Mark Jenshak 2010 Slammer Jim Stachowicz 2010 Fab-4 Cody Skog
2011 Late Model Mike Reichenberger 2011 Street Stock Mark Jenshak       2011 Fab-4 Fran Berube
2012 Late Model Jay Baumler Jr. 2012 Street Stock Mark Jenshak       2012 Fab-4 Cody Skog
2013 Late Model Dalton Zehr 2013 Street Stock Brett Bray       2013 Fab-4 Cody Skog
2014 Late Model Dan Lindsley 2014 Street Stock Ryan Wender       2014   Fab-4 Bradley Ostermann
2015  Late Model Dillion Kralovetz 2015 Street Stock Brett Bray       2015    Fab-4 Jesse Dolfurd/ Mod 4's - Anthony Schiefebein